'Begin Again is the virtual art exhibition tackling racial inequality'

Guts Gallery’s online exhibition features 48 emerging artists with proceeds going to the Free Black University

14th August 2020 by Gunseli Yalcinkaya

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Love Magazine 

'Begin Again: The online exhibition challenging austerity and racial oppression'

With the turn of a new decade came an intersectional crossroad. Following the murder of GEORGE FLOYD and the outbreak of a global pandemic, the world has been forced to wake up - and fast. These were situations where second chances were no longer an option. Industries were forced to look within and ask themselves: how can we do better? For gallerist Ellie Pennick, this meant beginning again.

13th August 2020 by Scarlett Baker

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The Face

'Scrap that, lets begin again'

Guts Gallery’s founder, Ellie Pennick, is back with another exhibition following the success of When Shit Hits the Fan. Now, she’s rounded up the troops for an online art sale benefitting The Free Black University.

13th August 2020 by TJ Sidhu

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Soho House


Art has always provided light in times of darkness and, as Kate Bryan discovers, our global creative community is coming together like never before to foster new means of exchange, find new kinds of opportunities and give back to society in unique ways.

4th May 2020 by Kate Bryan

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Financial Times


Art markets find high-tech ways to reach buyers

27th March 2020 by Melanie Gerlis

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Bricks Magazine


Founder and Editor Isobel Gorman-Buckley shares with us the zine's exclusive interview with Guts Gallery founder Ellie Pennick.

6th April 2020 words by Isobel Gorman-Buckley

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Akin Magazine

"Grafting Under Tory State with Ellie Pennick"


In Issue 02 we spoke to Ellie Pennick, the founder of Guts Gallery about the current climate of the art world, ways in which we can support artists from the grass roots and how their first show was made into a reality.

1st April 2020 by Alice Pomfret

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10 Magazine

"Ten's to see 'When Shit Hits the Fan', The insta-exhibition by Guts Gallery" 

“When shit started to hit the fan, all of Guts Gallery’s physical exhibitions had either been cancelled or postponed. I had phone calls with artists who were panicking about income and having no other choice but to go onto universal credit,” explains Pennick. “I could of either sat in isolation and waited until this blew over, or put my ethos of supporting underrepresented contemporary voices into action by navigating this set back through a digital Instagram exhibition.”

2nd April 2020 by Paul Toner

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The Face

"When Shit Hits the Fan (In the Artworld)"

Guts Gallery have tackled the nationwide closure of galleries by setting up an online Instagram exhibition instead, featuring 38 emerging British artists who will be sharing their work over the coming weeks. Here, seven of them weigh in.

27th March 2020 by TJ Sidhu

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Fad Magazine

"Guts Gallery present ‘When shit hits the fan’ a digital Instagram exhibition"

Gallery openings have been affected by the spread of coronavirus. Many art-related events, including Guts Gallery’s, have either been cancelled or postponed, causing a large economic impact on artists and smaller galleries. Guts Gallery (GG) want to challenge this, putting their ethos of supporting underrepresented contemporary voices into action by navigating this set back through a digital Instagram exhibition ‘When shit hits the fan’ 

23rd March 2020 by Mark Westall

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Time Out

"This Instagram-only exhibition is full of London’s best young artists"

It’s not just the big museums that have closed in the wake of coronavirus, all of London’s amazing smaller galleries have shut their doors too. That means exhibitions aren’t happening, which means artists aren’t selling their art, which means artists are getting seriously poor, and that is clearly not a good thing. Lots of galleries have set up online exhibitions to get through it, but London’s Guts gallery is doing it differently.

24th March  2020 by Eddy Frankel

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Go With Yamo

Ellie Pennick, founder of Guts Gallery, in conversation with gowithYamo.

31st March  2020 by Josh Price

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The Glossary Magazine

"London's museums and art galleries are offering some much-needed escapism through their digital offerings"

In a bid to slow the spread of Covid-19, London’s museums and galleries have temporarily closed their doors. But in these challenging times, art can offer momentary escape from self-isolation reality. So, luckily for us, many of our much-loved institutions and galleries are now just a few clicks away. 

29th March 2020 by  Lucy Scovell

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"Explore south east London’s underground art galleries"

Echoing the ‘apartment exhibitions’ of Soviet non-conformist art collectives, the new wave of contemporary artists, curators and gallerists have looked to alternative spaces to escape the elitist London art scene. 

21 February 2020 by Pheobe Gardner

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Art Unplugged

"Art Talk"

Ellie Pennick runs Guts – a gallery championing the “underrepresented voices” of the art world. Ellie has a raw, honest coolness about her and her approach to the art world is a refreshingly-direct call-to-arms.  While working with Pennick during the Delphian x Guts Gallery collaborative exhibition at The Factory, Dalston, we had the chance to talk about her inspirations, Guts’ values, and the internet as “an art gallery in itself”.

6 December 2019 by Verity Babbs

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Delphian Gallery 

"Gallery Spotlight"

Guts Gallery aims to provide financial support and exhibition opportunities for artists less platformed within today’s contemporary art scene. Their desire is to facilitate space and exposure for BAME artists, female artists, working-class artists, queer artists, and artists outside of London (bridging the North/South divide).

11 September 2019 by Delphian Gallery

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'"Gradual Podcast"

In today’s episode I’m speaking with Ellie Pennick a queer, working class artist and founder of Guts Gallery. Ellie studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and graduated 2 years ago. 

23 September 2019 

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Tate Podcast 

'"The Art of The Hustle"

Discover what it takes to make it in the arts today, inspired by generations of artists who have taken on commercial work to fund their passion projects. We take a practical look at the realities of earning a living as a young creative. Exploring the rise of slasher culture to ask how today’s artists balance priorities; from personal branding to self-care.

The podcast is presented by DJ and producer Martha Pazienti Caidan. Featuring Jide Adetunji and Ibrahim Kamara founders of GUAP video magazine, producer Gavin D, poet Teige Maddison, illustrator Sinead McGeechan, and artists Georgina Johnson and Ellie Pennick.

9 September 2019 Tate Britain 

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The Basement

"Bridges Not Borders"

The Basement are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Bridges Not Borders’ – a capsule collection exploring the current political climate, both at home and overseas, releasing at 7:00PM (BST) on Sunday 18th August.

18 August 2019 by Jack Hartwell

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Fad Magazine 

"Guts Gallery Opening"

Guts Gallery to open in London next week providing space and exposure for BAME artists, female artists, working-class artists, queer artists, and artists outside of London.

10 May 2019 by Mark Westall

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Guts Gallery supports underrepresented contemporary voices through initiating relationships between established and emerging artists, creating a platform and support system they are often denied. Guts Gallery is passionate about ensuring that the current structural formula that most galleries work in accordance with is refreshed and updated. To avoid following traditional modelling that is typically impermeable to marginalised artists and undervalued collectors.

Founder, Ellie Pennick is one of the youngest gallerists navigating the art world today. She is a queer working-class female artist from North Yorkshire. Ellie experienced first-hand inequality within the art system, instead of adhering to this it spurred her on to create a business venture that benefits other struggling artists like herself. Many figures and institutions are scared to speak out about inequality in the art world, often in fear of their own precarious positions being compromised. Guts Gallery refuses to be silenced.



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