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Amy Holt

Amy Holt (b.1994) is a London/Essex based artist forming work predominantly in installation, sculpture & video. Her practice examines how bodies are augmented and altered through ever-colliding parameters of the synthesised body and contemporary corporeality; frequently with a focus on hybridity, post-human and cross-species forms. She sets out to disrupt pejorative definitions of monstrosity, often using ‘monstrous feminine’ theories as a means of mirroring and dissecting a current existence. Holt's recent work takes inspiration from mythological creatures and monsters, with particular reference to classical ‘grotesque’ decoration portraying mixed human, animal, plant and object forms; often in an eccentric and slapstick manner. In a current culture which increasingly glorifies image and productivity, her latest sculptural work takes these past depictions of sliced and reassembled bodies to imagine a future manufacturing process of idealised beings through hybrid experimentations.


Amy graduated with BA Fine Art from Goldsmiths in 2017 and recent exhibitions include: Six Sigma, SET, London (2019) Mutters, Victoria Gardens, Glasgow (2018) Locating the Leech, Limbo Limbo, London (2017).

Available Artwork

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