Andrew Pierre Hart is a London-based artist whose practice is an interdisciplinary exploration of the symbiotic relationship between sound and painting. Andrew’s practice consists of researching rhythm and the play of improvised and spontaneous generative processes, through various mediums including sound, video, performance, found object and image, language, photography, and installation. Andrew’s current work explores themes of spatiality, visualisation, synchronisation, and re-interpretations of DJ technology through painting, sound, and installation.


Andrew was recently selected for the ArtAngel “Thinking Time” award, and as a 2019 Tiffany & Co. x Outset Outset Studiomakers Prize winner. He recently showed in a 2 person show at Tiwani Contemporary, and has performed at Collective Intimacy at 180 The Strand in 2019, at Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix Gallery in Whitechapel as part of Nocturnal Creatures, and at Up is a Relative Concept at Fold, London. He is also a regular in the Guts Gallery exhibition series.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork, please contact Ellie, who will send you a link to the catalogue. 


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All purchased artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by both the artist and Director of Guts, Ellie Pennick. We provide interest-free payment plans, a London based hanging service and international and national delivery. 

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