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Billy Parker 

Billy Parker (b.1998 London) views his work as being a representation of a short, intense period of time, where he uses everything in his immediate vicinity to construct the content of his work. He views his work, not as a way to depict or represent thoughts and ideas, but instead uses it as a tool for thought - a way of thinking. However, his influences rely heavily on the theatrical, late Gothic and early Renaissance painting, contemporary and historic pop culture and everyday mundanity. He works predominantly in the area of painting but frequently spills out into painting’s surrounding environment, combining painting with sculpture, music and performance. Parker enjoys working and playing within the tensions between the different areas of his artistic practice. 

When painting, Parker works in flat layers of oil or acrylic “collaged” to create a coherent image. The content of his painting’s shift depending on mood, thoughts, surrounding and influences that are available to Parker at the time of making. Frequent motifs include severed feet, killer whales, hot boys, Gucci, naked bodies and bathroom tiles. Repetition and instinctive colour combinations conjure layers in his paintings, yet by juxtaposing imagery, he deftly splits these up whilst remaining in two dimensions.

Available Artwork 

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