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Lucy Gregory 

Lucy Gregory (b.1994) is a British artist based in London and Bucks. She is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art and The Ruskin School of Art. Working in sculpture, photography and drawing, she creates immersive, large scale, kinetic systems of objects and environments that play with the themes of agency and materiality.

Lucy has exhibited work at FBA Futures, The Recent Graduates’ Exhibition at the Affordable Art Fair, Seventeen and Arthill Gallery. She received the Gilbert Bayes Trust Grant, The School of Fine Arts and Humanities Art Criticism Prize and The Gibbs Prize in Fine Art.


Fractured sets and props are activated: the inhuman and the human intertwined in a bizarre and comic realisation. Images are extruded and re-contextualised back into uncanny objects from the flatness of the screen, creating surreal collages that complicate a relation between materiality and virtuality.


Lucy explores the agency of materials and images beyond the hands of the maker, taking inspiration from misbehaving assemblages and physical forces in the cartoon landscape. Uncanny laws and unexplained forces are pitted against the predictive schema of scientific rationalism. Seemingly inanimate objects and traps possess a strange sentience allowing them to become characters in their own right within the narrative.


The cartoon landscape perhaps acts as a parallel of our own world – tapping into a contemporary anxiety concerning a loss of control of human-agency in society; as geopolitical, technological and ecological narratives are marked by uncertainty. We are alive in an environment of lively systems, human and non-human alike, we exist prepositional – above and below, amongst and within.

Available Artwork 

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