Poetry and Spoken Word

Guts Gallery Presents a Poetry and Spoken Word Night.

Date Saturday 18th May 7-9pm Doors Open 7pm Free Entry, includes access to a bar and the Guts Gallery Opening Exhibition.

Mel Pryor

Mel Pryor’s collection, Small Nuclear Family (Eyewear 2015), was chosen by Bel Mooney as a Daily Mail Christmas poetry book of the year and the TLS described it as “a remarkable debut.” Most recently her work has been published in Poetry Review, Magma and in the anthologies The Caught Habits of Language (Donut), and Some Cannot be Caught (Emma Press). She was a prize winner in the 2013 Mslexia Poetry Competition and won the 2015 Philip Larkin Poetry Prize. In February 2018 she was the Scottish Poetry Library digital poet-in-residence as part of “The Blue Crevasse” project.

Declan Ryan

Declan Ryan was born in Mayo, Ireland and lives in London. His debut pamphlet was published in the Faber New Poets series in 2014 and his second pamphlet, Fighters, Losers, was published in May 2019. He reviews regularly for the TLS, Los Angeles Review of Books and elsewhere.

Tom Butler

A thoroughbred South London suburbanite, Tom Butler, 23, explores all that is humdrum. His desperate and inescapably masculine performance style will take you past philosophical themes, streetlamp filament bulbs and tongue-tied, young lovers with the drunk lurch of the night bus. He reads regularly at poetry nights around the south of England, dressed in poorly pressed suits. Tom also recently published his debut book of poetry, 1 for the Price of 3, with Toothgrinder Press.

Marta Zenka

Marta Zenka has two tongues, one of them is coherent enough to spout words to a self-imposed rhythm, the other tongue wallops around her meaty cheeks like an exhausted walrus looking for a tasty clam. The tongues working against restraints of language, cohesion, and each other, produce poetry saturated with symbolism. In an attempt to tame these unruly creatures, Marta co-hosts a monthly poetry open mic night called Gobjaw where all tongues are welcome to gob along.

Edward Green

Edward Green is the un-aspirational co-editor of Away With Words poetry anthology and Smiths Magazine.

Hosted by Adeline Bridgwood and Edward Green

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