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Valerie Savchits

Valerie Savchits was born in Riga, Latvia and moved to the North West of England at the age of 19. Since completing her studies at the University of Salford in 2016, her work has been actively exhibited in galleries and art fairs. Savchits is the recipient of Hotel Elephant and Southwark Council Arts & Culture Grant Scheme and was selected as one of the three hundred art students to exhibit her work at 'Future Late' exhibition in Tate Modern in summer 2016. Valerie has been featured in numerous blogs and publications including The Guardian, BBC Live, Manchester Evening News, The Resident and ArtMaze Magazine.


Savchits work reflects anxieties and fears of our times, conveying a dissatisfaction with the modern world to start an open dialogue with the viewer. Each artwork is like a portal to a possible future that invites viewers to explore how our inaction can lead to negative consequences. Savchits covers some of the most burning issues today – from different levers used to control the masses to mankind's failure to fight its own apathy and indifference. 


With an unfinished degree in chemical technology and her family's background in building and construction, Savchits periodically uses a wide range of non-traditional and found materials including concrete, tiles, rough minerals, metal objects and wood in tandem with spray paint and acrylic. This helps to deal with artist's inner world that haunts and captivates her, celebrating the juxtaposition of rawness and refinement.

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